Unmetered Dedicated KVM Slice Servers from Verupt

All the performance benefits of a dedicated server, minus the costs and complexity.

Slice 512

Slice 1024

Slice 2048

Slice 4096

High Volume Plans
2 Cores @ 3.50+ GHz
8096 GB Memory
160 GB SSD
30.00€/m or 300.00€/y
4 Cores @ 3.50+ GHz
16192 GB Memory
320 GB SSD

Features. So many features.

DDoS Protection, OS Templates, Anycast, and performance!

This isn’t your father’s dedicated server or one of those cookie cutter SolusVM + OpenVZ toys. Verupt’s KVM Slices bundle performance and features most companies can only dream of while costing far less. Order now and be online quickly with our ready to use OS Templates which are full blown solutions that install in just seconds.

Grow your business or online services with Verupt’s useful future-minded features.

Free Snapshots!

About to do a major rebuild or software update and worried it won’t go as planned? Never fear! Quickly & effortlessly take a snapshot of your service that you can restore at any time. Daily backups are also available for a nominal monthly fee.

Powerful Intel Hardware that Performs

Powered by 3.5Ghz+ Intel® processors our wicked fast nodes provide you with predicable high performance. Absoutely no overselling means no “noisy” neighbor issues that plague so many of our competitors.

Pure SSD Storage

KVM Slice packages are enhanced for performance with fast pure SSD storage providing you high thoughput no matter the work load. There’s no spinning rust to hinder you here.

Full Disk Encryption

Hosting sensitive documents? KVM supports Full Disk Encryption (FDE) out of the box, allowing you to make sure that your data is safe and only accessible by those that have the encryption passphrase.





DDOS Protection. DDoS filtered IPv4 addresses protect your server from Layer 4 - 7 DDoS attacks.

For €5.00/month per protected IP, customers can purchase a DDoS protected IP address, perfect for filtering ICMP, SYN, SYN Spoofed, UDP, reflection attacks, and many other attacks.

Operating Systems. Choose from over 100+ Prebuilt Templates - Click and go!

Verupt gives customers a selection of over 100 pre-built and easy-to-use OS templates. These allow customers to quickly accomplish their most common needs without technical barriers. The templates include blogging platforms, OpenVPN-AS, cPanel, and file-sharing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about Verupt KVM Slice Servers.

Where are your servers located?
Verupt currently offers KVM Slice Servers in The Netherlands.


What can I do with a KVM Slice Server?
Anything. You can run all major operating systems, custom ISOs, your choice of BSD distribution, firewalls, VPN’s, etc. Nearly any application will run on our KVM Slice Servers.

Anything that can run on a VPS or a dedicated server will run here, without kernel compatibility and other module issues you experience with a shared environment like OpenVZ.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my KVM Slice Server?
We only allow upgrading to a bigger plan. Downgrading can lead to data loss if the drive shrink fails and no one wants that.


Are your KVM Slice Servers cloud services?
Cloud is a complicated and misused marketing term. Our KVM Slice Servers give you a fully self controllable server with predictable high performance.

Have questions? We'll help answer all of them.